HEAT POWER ENGINEER DEPARTMENT (TEF) - one of the oldest faculties of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTU "KPI") was established in 1931 as thermal faculty (TTF) of the Kiev Energy Institute (KEI).

TTF was the first dean prof. MA Kontakion (1931-1932 biennium) and prof. T. I. Shvets (1933-1934 biennium) - both engineers and mechanics with heat, graduates of the second half of 1920's mechanical department KPI, where since 1898 - the opening of the Institute to its disbandment in 1930 conducted training of engineers with steam machinery (steam engines, turbines, boilers, locomotives, etc.).

In 1934 the branch institutes KEI, KMBI KHTI and were united in Kyiv Industrial Institute (KII), which was created energy department, the Department of heating and electrical departments KEI. Dean of the Faculty of Energy KII was appointed professor. T. I. Shvets.

By iniatsiatyvoyu Sci. T. I. Shvets in 1938, KII was restored in heat faculty of five departments:

    * Steam engines - head prof. T. I. Shvets;
    * Teplosylovyh installations - Assoc. V. Tumasov;
    * Boilers - Assoc. VI Tolubinskyy;
    * Theoretical basis of heat - prof. MO Kichyhin;
    * Physics (General Institutskaya chair) - Professor. GN Gubarev.

Dean renewed TTF was appointed professor. T. I. Shvets. However, in 1940 Professor. I. T. moved to Sweden to the USSR Academy of Sciences, head of the department remaining steam engines KII.

In 1940 a new dean TTF MO Kichyhin, who in 1945 was re-elected and in office was to 1951

With the start of World War II TTF together with the Institute was evacuated to Tashkent, where KII merged with Central Asia industrialnymm Institute. Scientists faculty professor. MO Kichyhin, Associate Professor VI Tolubynskyy, BP Allardyce, P. T. Serdyukov than training to solve problems uninterrupted supply of energy industry companies in the region, working on the front needs, designing of thermal power in Uzbekistan created the first steel mill, transferred thermal power stations burning on local low-grade fuels.

After the liberation of Kyiv from German invaders, most faculty have evacuated workers in summer 1944 returned to the institute and joined in his recovery from Nazi occupation. In July this year the Institute has restored its original name - Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In spring 1944 TTF began the educational process in the first after the evacuation of KPI academic year.

In summer 1945 the Government of the USSR passed a resolution on the reconstruction and further development of KPI, whereby restoration of the main buildings and chemical, thermal power plants, a number of students per hurotozhytkiv major indexes ended in late 1947 - on the threshold of 50-year institute.

Since then a new stage in the development of KPI areas as training engineers and science, which gave a significant contribution to accelerating scientific and technological progress in Ukraine.

After the war, Dean worked: Assoc.
AP Ornatskyy (1951-1955), Assoc. OI Butuzov (1955-1962), Assoc. Yuri Babenko (1962 - 1978) Sci. VA Hrystich (1978-1979), prof. AM Alabovskyy (1979-1989), Assoc. V. barefoot (1989-2001). Since 2001, Dean was elected Professor TEF. EM literate.

Thermal and thermal power of 1962 Faculty (TEF) for the next 25 years (1947-1972) produced nearly 3600 engineers-thermal power, 105 staff and postgraduate students defended their theses, 6 - Thesis: I. Sweden T. (1947), in . Tolubinskyy I. (1950), BP Allardyce (1960), M. Lych (1966), AP Ornatskyy (1969), VA Hrystich (1972).

In 1951 by decision of the Government's department of theoretical basis of heat begins training engineers in the "Industrial Heat Engineering, and Department gets new name - theoretical and industrial heat with a set of students for two academic groups. For high-quality training of engineers on a new specialty in the department was built new training research laboratory of industrial heat, the leaders of which were prof. MO Kichyhin and Assoc. OI Butuzov.

Development of science faculty were instrumental in creating in 1957 the laboratory Heat Transfer and Gas Dynamics (PLTH) under the head of the Department boilers .- Corresponding Member. AN USSR prof. VI Tolubinskoho. In laboratory studies conducted at the boiling heat transfer crises in terms of heat vysokoteplonavantazhenyh devices new technology, efficient gas heat exchange, business processes in steam boilers powerful thermal power plants, combustion processes and combustion chambers of gas turbines, modeling of temperature fields in the heat exchange surfaces of complex shape at high heat flows. Work led prof. VI Tolubinskyy Sci. AP Ornatskyy Sci. VA Hrystich Assoc. G. Dashkiyev.

Based PLTH in 1964 at the Department of boilers opened a new specialty Thermophysics ", and the department was called - paroheneratorobuduvannya and Engineering Thermophysics (GHG and ITF).

In 1973 in PLTH operated more than 300 research works, a doctoral dissertation defended (AP Ornatskyy) and 25 Ph.D. theses, published over 170 scientific papers.

In 1962 to improve the structure of KPI, TTF was renamed the Faculty of thermal power (TEF) and its members were transferred from the disbanded metallurgy department chair thermal process automation industry - head prof. VS Kocho, and general chair of the institute of economy and industry - head prof.
M. Lych. Thus, in mid-1960 TEF had svoyemi of 6 chairs (including 5 - final) volume of 10 academic groups and set for 1 st year over 250 students.

In 1975, the department settled in the new educational building number 5 area of 14 thousand square meters. Then the city was upgraded and created a series of educational and scientific laboratories: the theoretical foundations of heat, thermophysical properties of substances, methods of heat exchange, heat pipes, heat power automation, thermal measurement, automation hardware and others.

Between 1970-1980 he was Chair of steam and gas turbines, led by prof. VA Hrysticha and participation Assoc. GM Lyubchik (from 1989 - Dr. Sci.) Created a new trend in fuel processes and methods and highly effective cleaner burning liquid and gaseous fuels.

The Department of Theoretical and industrial heat during this period established two research directions: intensification of heat processes in gas-liquid two-phase systems and termosyfonah. As a result of research and technological development in the first direction was defended two doctoral dissertations: prof. Alabovskym N. (1975) and prof. VG Rifertom (1987) in a second direction - prof. Bezrodny MK (1984) and in total 37 PhD theses. In 1987 a series of studies on "Research and development dystsylyatoriv for water regeneration systems in manned space systems, performed under the guidance of prof. VG Riferta, he and four colleagues of the department was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

The department, led by prof. MO Wild founded the department of research, "Development of theory unisothermal processes and create highly efficient heat lot basis, combined-cycle units (PGU), heat pumps, etc.. In a series of scientific "theoretical framework, technology and transportation alternatives to the use of motor fuels based on mineral resources of Ukraine" prof. MO Wild received the State Prize in Science and Technology in 1995, and for the development, creation and introduction of high industry capacity PGU 16 thousand kW - International Prize of the International Association of Aviation Motors (ASSAD).

Significant achievements in the years 1970-1990 and won the ITF Chair emissions in diagnosis of direction and reliability and efficiency of boilers of thermal power stations powerful. The investigations of domestic boilers processes and temperature regimes of thermomechanical stresses in the metal pipe surface existing steam boilers allowed to create one of the first USSR monitoring system and process control of boilers based on advanced computer technology. These systems were introduced in Krivorozhskoy GRES-2 Power Station Kremenchug refinery, power plants Samara (Russia), TPP "Varna (Bulgaria) and others. In materials of the research PhD thesis professor. Dashkiyeva G. (1983) and 11 Ph.D. theses.

Under the guidance of prof. AP Ornatskoho in this period, the scale was complete study of patterns and heat transfer crisis in boiling steam flows in the channels of nuclear reactors, created at the initiative of prof. IG Sharayevskoho automated system diagnostics teplogidravlicheskie processes in such channels and system diagnostics of the main circulating pumps power plants with VVER-1000. This system was implemented at the unit number 5 Zaporozhye NPP. Research toward nuclear power have made it possible to open the department in 1985 trained engineers for nuclear power plants in the field of atomic energy "in the amount of two academic groups.

The Department cogeneration facilities thermal and nuclear power plants in 1975-1990 was led by Assoc. LO Kyesovoyi developed, studied and implemented in new power generation technology highly effective supply of coal dust in burners of steam boilers, which greatly increased the environmental and techno-economic performance of their work. Based on the technology was upgraded TPS 4 power of Tripoli. According to the results of the research and development of a doctoral dissertation defended Sci. LO Kyesovoyi (1992) and 4 Ph.D. theses.

From 1980 Sci. V. Azhohin and then Professor. Y. Zaichenko launched at the Department of Automation of heat power (ATEP) scientific and educational school systems modeling and optimization of technological processes. An important contribution to the development of optimal control theory applied in those years did st.n.s. Ph.D. MZ Zgurovsky - future Rector of NTU "KPI" (1992 - to date), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1995), Minister of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine (1994-1999). Since 1991 the department led ATEP chair prof. M. Kovryho growing school of modern computer technology in the energy sector.

Outstanding results achieved at the Department of Design Automation of processes and energy systems (APEPS) in development of automated control of complex dynamic processes and objects in real time. This task was realized in the space program, Buran. Six employees of the department headed by the Chair Professor. VG Slipchenko in 1988 were udostoyini Ukraine State Prize in science and technology for the program run aerospaceplane Buran. In the first half of the 2000's the department APEPS, according to the Decree of President of Ukraine dated 17.01.1995 was, carried out the software state of scientific and technical program "Granite". The program was devoted to the development of the genetic basis of prediction of risk of introduction of new technologies and pollution navkolishnoho environment.

The Department NPP and ITF since mid 1970 under the leadership of prof. MG Semen was conducted fruitful work to create heat pipes (TT) - highly efficient devices for transferring heat flow. Developed on the basis of TT thermoregulation system (pp) are widely used in modern technics, especially in objects space purposes.

It developed in the laboratory pp heat pipes Department successfully applied for 4 space satellite (launched in 1978, 1980, 1995, 1996) and the two spacecraft (1984 - Research and Comet Halley in 1987 - study Mars satellite Phobos).

Now the research department are working to develop heat-resistant cell solar panels and hardware platforms, working in open space, for Ukrainian space projects "Warning", "hunts", in January. On the basis of development laboratories of TT PhD thesis professor. MG Simeon (1982) and 16 Ph.D. theses, monographs, published about 200 scientific papers, received 65 certificates and 9 patents.

New development under the guidance of prof. EM literate received at the Department of NPP and ITF research direction of gas convective heat transfer and aerodynamics in heat exchange devices of power and industrial plants. Based on the regularities proposed new way of intensification of heat transfer in the beam cross-orebrenyh pipes and new types orebrinnya high heat surfaces. Created new methods for calculating heat transfer and aerodynamic resistance orebrenyh surfaces were the basis for doctoral dissertation professor. EM literate (1994) included in the "normative method of calculation of steam boilers," published in two books, entered the industry standard and corporate and industrial materials "semiconductor devices. According to the results of the research professor. EM literate with a group of authors in 2006 published "Guide to the calculations of heat exchangers with packages of cross pipes in Spanish in the Spanish publishing REVERTE.

Cogeneration faculty in 2006.

At 75 year of development TEF NTU "KPI" is one of the largest educational and scientific departments and technical educational institutions of Ukraine in the field of atomic and thermal energy, heat and thermal physics.

Teaching and research activities of the faculty is provided by five departments:

    * Atomic power engineering and thermal physics - head prof.
EM literate;
    * Cogeneration facilities thermal and nuclear power plants - Head member - correspondent. NAS of Ukraine professor. NM Fialko;
    * Theoretical and industrial heat - head prof. MK Bezrodny;
    * Automation of heat power - head prof. M. Kovryho;
    * Design Automation of processes and energy systems - head prof. VG Slipchenko.

Training of faculty is in 15 academic groups in 10 th specialties. Total number of students exceeds 2000 people. Annually, from early 2000's, the 1-TEF course adopted by the state order 345 full-time students.

The faculty traditsiyno taught foreign students from developing countries. In 2006, two graduates (students from Tunisia) were received in graduate school at the Department of NPP and ITF, 6 (students from Iran) won the Master's degrees, 4 - specialists. We TEF study abroad student 32: 22 (Iran), 5 (Vietnam), 2 (Tunis), 3 (Russia, China, Iraq). Courses provided vysokokvalifiikovanym teaching and educational support staff in total of 241 persons. Among them: 19 professors, 64 associate professors, 36 cent. teachers, 19 assistants and 103 individual educational support staff.

Between 1949 (the first post-war issue) to 2006 including the TEF trained about 12000 engineers cogeneration specialties.

TEF Research Department in 2006 was aimed at solving major problems in Ukraine Energy - efficiency and reliability of thermal power equipment based on the introduction of energy technologies and the latest computer diagnostic methods and management processes and cogeneration systems.

Total number of executed TEF in 2006 of 40 scientific papers on topics of financing volume of more than 2 million 700 thousand USD. Among the topics: 13-state budget, 3 to order the foreign companies - the U.S., Russia, the Republic of Korea (singer ordered those firms - Laboratory heat pipes Department NPP and ITF), 24 theme treaty.

The results of research in 2006 defended a thesis doktorskuyu (Prof. SA Lukyanenko, dep. APEPS) and 5 Ph.D. theses, published 6 books and 4 textbooks. Published 112 articles in conferences and seminars made 172 reports received 7 patents (including 4 outside Ukraine).

Faculty of thermal power, entering a new stage in its development activities and successfully solves the tasks assigned to it training engineers for Energy of Ukraine, relevant research and new high-technological development, training of qualified specialists - doctors and candidates and takes its rightful place in the structure of NTU

Prof. EM literate -
Dean of Faculty.